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Long Beach named one of Top 25 Bike-Friendly Cities
March 8th, 2011 12:10 PM

Seems like everywhere I turn these days there is mention of Long Beach and the "Bike Master Plan".  I knew we were a bike friendly City, because where I live near El Dorado Park, there is a bike path in the park and certainly bike lanes on the major streets around the park.  There is even the 'wash' with it's never ending bike path that goes through Long Beach to the Ocean but through many other cities on it's way.

I was thrilled when I got this month's issue of 'live Long Beach' a wonderful magazine if you aren't currently subscribing.  There is an article in the Health & Fitness pages entitled 'pedal power'.  If you don't realize how much this City is committed to being a Bike Friendly City, you need to read this article, or call me and I'll send it to you.  You'll be impressed.  Here are some of the items mentioned in the article.

The Bike Master Plan was approved by the City Council in 2001 and 90% to 95% of the projects in the plan have been accomplished or are underway.  Many of the projects were completed using more than $20 million in outside funding secured to support City bicycling programs. 

By the end of this year, there will be 122 miles of designated and shared bicycle lanes throughout Long Beach.  These lanes include three high-profile pilot projects - the green lane 'sharrows' short for shared lane arrows where bicycles and cars share the right hand lane on Second Street in Belmont Shore, the Vista Bike Boulevard in Belmont Heights and the soon to be completed Broadway and Third Street Separated Bikeways in Downtown.

I could go on but the article is wonderful.  These projects and others have led to Long Beach being named one of the top 25 bike-friendly Citites in America by Cycling Magazine.

If you didn't already realize what a great place to live Long Beach is, this should push you over the top.  I'm happy to send you this article or any others about the cities bike project, just give me a call.  Be sure to check out www.bikelongbeach.org for more information from around town on cycling.

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