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October 6th, 2010 10:03 AM
Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in Tech Tuesday a day sponsored by the California Association of Realtors held in Anaheim annually.  During that day we heard from technology speakers from across the country about what they are seeing consumers use to search for properties today and in the future.  The hot topic of course was the iPad and the ability for Realtor.com to deliver listings to consumers on their iPhones and iPads.  I was excited to see that most of this technology is being ported to the Droid and the new Google Pad which we should see soon.  I guess the biggest take aways I had were the technology but a resoundingly loud voice said that the downturn in the market has reduced the number of Realtors but it has raised the bar on the professionalism in the industry.  Many of you have heard me complain for years that we needed to have our imagine improved.  There are so many really wonderful Realtors in this business but sadly like so many business' there are a whole lot that do not care about customers or customer service.  I was so happy to hear how important customer service has become to my peers.  The addition of the new tools to me is like icing on the cake.  We have to get better at sharing information with consumers, educating them about the market and the value of property and helping them really understand what buying and selling real estate is all about.  We have to take ownership of teaching consumers all the things they should know and not just spending time worrying about our next sale.  I would shout from the rooftops, if I could climb that high, that customer service and educating the consumer should be our top priorities.  My fellow Realtors, please don't be stingy with your information, share it with everyone, you'll be better for it - the consumer will be better for it - and our industry will be better for it.

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Posted by Heather Burke & Sarah Ireland on October 6th, 2010 10:03 AMPost a Comment

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