Long Beach Housing Market

Long Beach Housing Market
November 17th, 2009 1:48 PM
This has been a frustrating year - and I don't mean just for me - I especially mean for buyers and sellers.  I just got off the phone with a seller that told me she can't understand why she hasn't gotten any offers on her property and it's been on the market 20 days.  But it's priced higher than the market value and it's a very high end home.  The media - here we got again - has led everybody to believe that everything on the market is such a steal they should jump on the bandwagon.  Well that just not true.  The houses that are a steal are the ones that are already owned by the bank, usually in need of some repair and that are priced between 250 and 300,000.  Who in their right mind thinks 300,000 is a steal.  But you would be shocked to learn that many of these homes are being purchased by investors and they are paying all cash.  They can spend very little to make them liveable, close quickly, which makes the bank happy and rent the property for more than it would take for them to recover their investment.  On top of that they have the luxury of time to wait for the market value to rise again.  Not many of us have that luxury with that much cash just sitting around.  There are some homes on the market that are priced fairly and priced to sell.  These don't last long.  There are still far more buyers than sellers in the market and this continues to make the market driven by the Sellers.  The extension of the home buyers tax credit sure doesn't hurt either!

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